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January 23, 2018

John Pratt

2018 Tax and Economic Outlook
Presenter: Jon Pratt, Executive Director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

The first year of the Trump Administration benefited from a relatively healthy economy, and set the stage for dramatic changes in the US tax system -- with serious implications for charitable giving.  While donors don’t decide to make a contribution solely for tax reasons, tax incentives can make a big difference in the amount they contribute. This presentation will examine the current status and likely effects of federal tax changes affecting charitable giving, present an overview of economic trends within Minnesota’s nonprofit sector, and spotlight several emerging issues that will affect this field in the years ahead.

Adam Watts

Bethel Ruest
Flip or Flop? Examining the FLIP CRUT
Presenters: Adam C. Watts J.D., Gift Planning Officer, Mayo Clinic and Bethel M. Ruest, M.B.A, Gift Planning Administrator, Mayo Clinic


This presentation will introduce the FLIP CRUT as a strategic philanthropic vehicle aimed at utilizing your benefactor’s large non-liquid assets, and then examine the step by step process and responsibilities for establishing a FLIP CRUT, its’ benefits, and potential pitfalls.

March 6, 2018

Lucas Havens

Mindful Solicitation
Lucas Havens, Development Officer, Carleton College

Fundraising for major and planned gifts requires focus, responsiveness, and presence in the moment, as well as an ability to work nimbly through objections and changes in course. In this session, we’ll learn and practice 3-4 concrete skills that you can use to build resilience, manage your emotions, and stay present throughout all stages of qualification, cultivation and solicitation. Techniques will be drawn from research-supported fields like cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness meditation. We will also have time for questions and conversation.

J. Patrick Plunkett
Charitable Opportunities Relating to the Sale of a Business
J. Patrick Plunkett, Larkin Hoffman


The speaker will address charitable opportunities that the owner of a business should consider when deciding to sell an existing business (or a substantial ownership interest in a business). Topics will include: using the proceeds from the sale to create a Family Foundation or establish a Donor Advised Fund with an established charity; transferring part of the ownership interest in the business to a charitable organization before the sale; and compliance with tax requirements.

May 1, 2018

Robert W. Dietz
Adventures in Charitable Planning
Robert W. Dietz, Bernstein’s Wealth Strategies Group


In this collection of advanced charitable planning case studies, Robert Dietz, a Director in Bernstein’s Wealth Strategies Group, explores how goal-based, quantitative planning can enhance charitable and personal wealth.  Cases include: (i) a look at the planning implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act; (ii) planning with charitable remainder unitrusts (CRUTs) in the current environment; (ii) ideas for structuring inter vivos charitable lead annuity trusts (CLATs) in the current environment; (iv) a unique look at testamentary charitable lead annuity trusts. Robert will use sophisticated wealth forecasting software to highlight key findings.

July 17, 2018

Dana J. Holt
Donor Advised Funds: Your $85 Million Dollar Best Friend
Dana J. Holt, JD RICP AEP, HOLT Consulting

Read the Article

Dana is the founder of HOLT Consulting where she guides charities, families, and financial advisors through complex charitable giving strategies. She is also the creator of Turning Wealth Into What Matters™ - Strategic Growth Programs for Fundraisers and Professional Advisors.

Dana spent four years as an Advanced Planning Consultant at a Fortune 500 financial services company. There she guided and educated financial advisors from coast to coast through complex client matters such as tax planning, charitable giving, estate planning, real estate, social security and beyond. Dana honed her charitable planning experience during her nine years as a Charitable Gift Planner at a national Community Foundation. There she helped to facilitate hundreds of planned gifts using everything from cash to crops to cows, real estate, royalties, and more. Dana began her professional career as an estate planning attorney in the Twin Cities. She graduated from Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Southern Illinois University. She serves on the board of the MN Planned Giving Council and lives in Lauderdale, MN with her two retired racing greyhounds.



January 24, 2017
The Trust Walk: Walking Down the Path of Various Types of Trusts and Avoiding Hot Coals at the Same Time
Presenter: Stuart C. Bear, President of Chestnut Cambronne

When we think of trusts, we think of inter vivos trusts (i.e., trusts established during one's lifetime) and testamentary trusts (i.e., trusts which are written today, but not funded until death happens in the future). A different way of looking at trusts is to think of trusts from the perspective of saving taxes and from the perspective of controlling assets.

This presentation will identify the various types of trusts and how they fit into the category of tax savings and the category of control. The person attending this seminar will gain more in-depth knowledge regarding the substantive considerations as to when various types of trusts are appropriate and a more complete understanding of how various types of trusts link together, to provide a clear path to effectuate planning goals and objectives.

March 28, 2017

Form 990: A Powerful Tool
Kim Hunwardsen, Tax Partner, Eide Bailly & Deb Nelson, Tax Senior Manager, Eide Bailly

For many organizations, the Form 990 is one of the most powerful communication tools they have with donors and other constituents. While the Form 990 is a tax form and is required to be filed to maintain tax exempt status, it goes well beyond the numbers and includes a significant amount of information about the governance and operations of the exempt organization. Do you know what donors and other users are seeing when they are looking at your organization’s Form 990? If you are a donor, do you know what parts of the return can provide information on some of the key information you might want to know about the organization? What parts of the return do the IRS and other watchdog organizations focus on? We will share with you helpful hints on what areas of the Form 990 are most important to focus on and best practices for evaluating the information provided. 


July 19, 2016
Building Highly Engaged Boards
Presenter: Phil Hansen, Regional CEO, American Red Cross Minnesota Region
If you’d like a copy of Phil’s presentation, please email him directly at

March 8, 2016
Family Meetings – How to Discuss Your Estate Plan and Philanthropic Objectives with Your Family
Presenters: Tom Rauenhorst, Banker, J.P. Morgan Private Bank
Lighting a Fire that Needs to Be Lit: Increase Your Advancement Results through a Focus on Women’s Philanthropy
Presenters: Jenny Norris Peterson, Philanthropy Consultant, Writer and Speaker, Norris Peterson Consulting

January 12, 2016
Minnesota Estate Tax Planning (PDF)
Presenters: Jenny Maas, Associate, Chestnut Cambronne
Jumpstarting Success: Ideas for Building and Elevating Your Planned Giving Program (PDF)
Presenters: Joe Thiegs, Senior Planned Giving Officer, Minnesota Public Radio and American Public Media; Randi Yoder, Principal, Minnesota Public Radio


September 22, 2015
IRD Basics and Best Practices (PDF)
Presenters: Dana Holt, JD, RICP – Advanced Markets Specialist, Thrivent Financial
Gifts of Retirement Assets: Strategies Beyond the Beneficiary Designation (PDF)
Presenters: Jessica Johnson, Principal, Gray Plant Mooty; Jason Schuller, Principal, Gray Plant Mooty

July 28, 2015
Public Benefit Corporations – What Nonprofits Should Know and State of the Social Enterprise - Duniway (PDF)
Public Benefit Corporations – What Nonprofits Should Know and State of the Social Enterprise – Reiling (PDF)
Presenters: Sarah Duniway, Attorney, Gray Plant Mooty; David Reiling, CEO, Sunrise Banks

May 26, 2015
Residency for Minnesota Purposes (PDF)
Minnesota Income Taxation Handout (PDF)
Presenters: Michael Sampson, Partner, Maslon; and Scott Nelson, Attorney at Law, CPA, Hellmuth & Johnson

Plannual Giving (PDF)
Presenter: Josh Hanson, Marketing Consulting, The Stelter Company

March 18, 2015
Top 10 Charitable Planning Strategies for Financial Advisors (PDF)
Presenter: Russell N. James III, J.D., Ph.D., CFP®

Words That Work: The Phrases that Encourage Planned Giving (PDF)
Presenters: Russell N. James III, J.D., Ph.D., CFP®

January 27, 2015
Economic Update: Market Transformations & Risks (PDF)
Presenter: H. Cameron Hinds, CFA®, Regional Chief Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A

What Motivates a Client to Create a Charitable Lead Trust (PDF)
Presenters: Alison J. Midden, Shareholder, Briggs and Morgan; and Paula J. Stumne, Shareholder, Briggs and Morgan


January 14, 2014
What You Need to Know about the Affordable Healthcare Act (PDF)
Presenter: Donna Zimmerman, HealthPartners

Healthcare Reform and Our Donors - The Big Unknown (PDF)
Presenter: Keevan Kosidowski, HealthPartners

March 11, 2014
The Why of Giving and Getting to the Legacy Ask (PDF)
Presenter: Greg Lassonde

The Sweet Lowdown: Troubleshooting Tricky Gift Annuity Situations and Remembering Why We Bother (PDF)
Presenters: Ruby Pediangco and Robert G. Peterson

May 13, 2014
Accepting Real Estate: Real Life Scenarios to Guide You Through the Process
Moderator: Tim Prosser, JD, Relationship Manager/Senior Technical Consultant, Kaspick & Co.
Panelists: Diana Anderson, Jeremy Wells, Jason M. Watt, Linda Thornton

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The presentations from the May 2013 program will not be available for download per the request of the presenters.

January 8, 2013
Legislative Update
Presenter: Craig Wruck, Humboldt University

March 12, 2013
Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) AND Charitable Lead Trusts (CLTs): The Underused and Underappreciated "Special Ops” Charitable Team
Presenter: Gary Hargroves, Thompson & Associates; Tara Mattessich, Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd.
>>Handouts available here and here.

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January 10, 2012
Riding the Eye of the Hurricane
Presenter: Craig C. Wruck, St. Cloud State University

I Love You But I Don't Trust You: Dealing with Donor Restrictions
Presenter: Phil Purcell, JD, Ball State University Foundation

March 13, 2012
Evolution of a Network and Brand: Lessons from Decades of Collaboration
Presenter: Carleen Rhodes

Wealth: What's Changing? And What Difference Does it Make?
Presenter: James P. Daniel

May 8, 2012
Giving in the Current Environment
Presenter: Eddie Thompson, CEO, Thompson & Associates

July 17, 2012
Understanding and Addressing Consumer Fraud and Financial Abuse of Vulnerable Adults
Presenter: Kris L. Maser, Maser Amundson Price P.A.
>>Supplemental statistics located here

September 11, 2012
Finding Common Ground: Planned Giving Officers & Financial Advisors
Presenter: William Sutton, Jr., Head of Philanthropic Services, UBS

Planned Giving Triggers: Scientific Findings on the Influencers and Activities that Yield Gifts
Presenter: Bev Hutney, Director of Innovation and Research, The Stelter Company
>>Click here to download a report associated with this session.

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January 11, 2011
If Someone Has to Go to Jail, Make Sure it's the Donor and Not You: Ten Key Rules to Keep You on the Right Side of the Law
Presenter: J. Patrick Plunkett, Moore, Costello & Hart, P.L.L.P.

UPMIFA Impact on Fundraising, Boards, and Internal Control for Not for Profit Organizations
Presenter: Marshall Lehman, Lurie Besikof & Lapidus

March 8, 2011

Education Seminar: Relationships: Professional Advisors and Gift Planners – The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.
Presenters: Professional Advisor Panel Discussion led by Jerry Brennan

July 12, 2011

Breakfast Meeting: The Ethics of Building Trust

September 13, 2011

All in the Family

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January 12, 2010
Entrepreneurs as Engaged Philanthropists
Presenter: Jim Hodge

March 9, 2010
Probate in Minnesota
Presenter: Dean Maus

Keys to Planned Giving Success
Presenter: Jim Gumpert

May 11, 2010
Predicting the Next Planned Gift
Speaker: Josh Birkholz, BWF

Why, and How, to Pursue Real Estate Gifts During Challenging Economic Times
Speaker: Dennis Bidwell, Bidwell Advisors

Why, and How, to Pursue Real Estate Gifts During Challenging Economic Times
Speaker: Dennis Bidwell, Bidwell Advisors

July 13, 2010
Board Development and Working With Boards(PPT)
Speaker: Dee Vandeventer, Founder, Partner and the "V" of ME&V

September 14, 2010
Social Media and the Relationship to Philanthropy
Jean Vukas Roberts, Vice President, Development, The Saint Paul Foundation

Four Keys to Capture Women's Wealth, Power and Influence
Speaker: Margaret May Damen, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CDFA

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January 13, 2009
Discovering the Secret Giver: Groundbreaking Research on Bequest Donors
Presenters: Larry Stelter and J. Ann Selzer

Ethical Issues in Charitable Gift Planning: A Discussion of Best Practices
Presenter: Johni Hays

March 10, 2009
You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows
Presenter: Craig Wruck

Donor-Centered Fundraising in a Down Economy:
Handout 1
| Handout 2 | Handout 3
Good to Great
by Jim Collins
Thanks! How the Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier by Robert Emmons
Presenters: Ross Levin, Karen Hansen, and Holly McDonough

May 12, 2009
How to Weather the Recession as a Non-Profit: Meeting Your Challenges Head On
Presenter: Nancy Lee, LarsonAllen Nonprofit and Government Group

September 8, 2009
The 2008 Bank of America Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy
Presenter: Lyle Brizendine

Mile High Goals: Gift Planning and Mega Capital Campaigns
Presenter: Laura Hansen Dean

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